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Area Networks, Wireless Networking, 
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We can add a 
"Business Blog"
to your existing 
website, or we'll 
build you a 
website with a blog. 
You can run it
from your office 

Are you paying 
too much to host
your website? 
We can provide you 
with web hosting at 
a fraction of what 
you're paying now.

                                           CAN'T FIND YOUR WEBSITE ON THE MAJOR SEARCH ENGINES?

Search engines are looking to display the most relevant results they can for the keywords you type in, so it makes sense to write pages full of content about the subject you are trying to sell or promote. Not only will you rank higher in the search engines, but you will also keep people on your site because they are reading content that they have specifically searched for.

Search engines are not stupid, they know all the "Search Engine optimizing" tricks in the book (keyword spamming, hidden text, cloaking, doorway pages etc) and if you are caught, you will get removed from their database permanently.

Search Engine optimization is all about writing rich, relevant content about each of your given key phrases. This takes a lot of time and effort but is worth it in the long run. Let us get you listed on the major search engines. Search engines can take weeks to pick up your site, so the sooner we start, the sooner you get results.


Computer Problems?

Does your computer run slow... It could be full of old files, programs, games, or a virus? 
We'll clean out the trash in your system and repair it if needed, normally we can do this at your site. For this service, we will not charge you for more than two hours, even if it takes longer.

Guaranteed! If we can't fix it, you don't pay us.